Hi there!

My name is Federico Vergagni, I'm a composer, a phonic and a sound designer.

I live in Novara, Italy; I've studied in an high school of art and painting and then in a audio technology school in Milan.

Since I was a child I've been keen on music and art; I've started as a guitar player.

My first songwriting experiences date back to when I was fourteen: I took the first steps with a guitar, a microphone and a 6 channel mixer.

During that time I learned the basics of multitrack recording.

Then I played as a guitarist and backing singer in an experimental pop/rock band called Porcelain (feat. Andrea Pastore and Raffaele Fasano): that has been my first experience of research of original sonorities and strange chord progressions; I was the coauthor of the music. At the same time I learned to use various music production softwares, mixing and mastering my own songs. I also studied singing, piano and solfeggio in those years.

After the “rock” experience, I've got into electronic music too, and I searched a union between different musical genres : my passions include rock, jazz, blues, classical, experimental, contemporary, minimal, popular, folk, electronic. My last interests are ethnic and shaman music: I've studied the Mongolian and Tuvan diplophonic vocal techniques (khoomei, sygyt and kargiraa), the Tibetan Gyuto monks throat singing and some shamanic chants and music of different cultures (from Xhosa of Africa to Inuit of Canada, for example). I really love Sanskrit Mantras and Sitar Ragas too (I’ve been to India several times).


After I have finished high school, I've obtained an audio technology certificate while I was playing in a duo that combines electronic and acoustic sonorities, the AkroDocs (with larsenSoda): this collaboration is still happening, despite the physical distance between me and the other member of the band.

Anyway, I've always written music as single songwriter (I’ve used two different monikers: corDeafCode and Howling Wood Project), alternating pop albums and more experimental projects.

Recently I've formed an experimental band with Federico Martelli called Howling Cozm and I've started to approach to the world of soundtracks.

Increasing the connection between music and figures, my passion has grown and I've decided to start a career in this direction ... so, here I am :-)


In this website you can see some of my past works and in the “archive” section you can listen to some of my unreleased songs: on request they can be used for your shorts, promotional or artistic videos, performances, etc...

So, good listening! I hope you contact me soon.

Professional services:

  • phonic
  • mixing and mastering
  • sound design
  • arrangements
  • foley artist
  • live performances
  • compositions and soundtracks for:

    - movies

    - shorts

    - art videos

    - promotional videos

    - advertisements

    - jingles

    - performances

    - theatre